Upgrading Your BMW: Aftermarket vs. OEM Spare Parts

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When it comes to upgrading your BMW, choosing between aftermarket or OEM spare parts can be a dilemma. Each option has its own advantages, depending on what you want to upgrade. From minor tweaks to big system upgrades, both aftermarket and OEM spare parts options have something that will work for you.

But how to choose the one that suits you best? To decide, you will need to consider the type of upgrades you’re getting and set a budget for it. If your upgrades are more extensive, covering exterior and system upgrades like a BMW engine and bumpers, it might be good to budget on what areas you can save on and where you can splurge more.

No matter what, upgrading your BMW is a great way to get improved performance for a fraction of the cost of a new car. Whether with aftermarket or OEM spare parts, both are great options. To help you decide between the two, we’ve gathered the benefits of aftermarket and OEM parts to help your BMW upgrades achieve long-lasting results.

What is BMW Aftermarket Parts?

BMW aftermarket parts are auto parts manufactured by a company other than BMW’s original or outsourced manufacturer. These companies manufacture their parts by copying replacement parts for various vehicle types, making them the cheapest option. 

Depending on the manufacturer, aftermarket parts can be of good quality in terms of material and reliability despite their lower price point. You can also find aftermarket versions of any part or accessory on your vehicle. To ensure you get the best aftermarket part options, you will need to look into the manufacturer company’s experience and reputation before purchasing.

Benefits of Upgrading with Aftermarket Parts

While BMW’s original manufacturer does not manufacture aftermarket parts, it doesn’t mean they aren’t reliable. Good and reliable aftermarket parts manufacturers are out there to help upgrade your BMW. 

Here are the benefits of upgrading with aftermarket parts: 

  • They are a cheaper option compared to OEM parts.
  • They offer various parts and accessories options and customisations that other manufacturers don’t offer.
  • They provide an upgraded performance without breaking the bank.
  • Despite not being the original manufacturer, they are still designed and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM standards.

What is BMW OEM Parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, where BMW OEM parts are made. They can either be made by BMW’s original manufacturer themselves or an outsourced manufacturer that BMW contracts, which BMW has tested and approved to be genuine and reliable.

BMW OEM parts are the most compatible with your BMW vehicles as they are designed and produced with BMW’s approval. While they can be expensive, you can be assured that your upgraded BMW’s performance and efficiency will last for years.

Advantages of Upgrading with OEM Parts

BMW OEM parts are made by BMW for BMW. You can trust them to offer your car the best upgrades at a fraction of the cost of a new car. With OEM parts, your BMW can perform just like or better than a brand-new car.

Here are the benefits of upgrading with OEM parts: 

  • They are guaranteed to fit your vehicle properly as they follow the original designs precisely, making repairs and replacements easier.
  • The performance of the parts has been tested and approved by BMW.
  • They meet BMW’s quality and safety standards.
  • They are backed with warranty and guarantee.

Factors to Consider

car service, repair, maintenance and people concept – auto mechanic man or smith with tablet pc computer looking for spares at workshop or warehouse

So now that you know what BMW aftermarket and OEM parts are, it’s time to decide between them. When it comes down to considering between the two, it is ultimately up to personal choice as both are great options, depending on your needs.

Don’t choose an option solely because it is the more affordable option; sometimes, this may result in costly repairs and replacements down the road, especially since BMW car repairs can be expensive. If you want to save money, time, and effort when upgrading your BMW, consider these factors to make an informed decision.

Vehicle age

The age of your vehicle is a critical factor when considering between aftermarket or OEM parts for upgrades. If your BMW is an old model, it might already be out of warranty, and some OEM manufacturers might not produce certain parts any longer. When this happens, aftermarket parts are the most cost-effective option for you as it has a wide variety of options.

For newer models, it is best to avoid aftermarket parts and choose OEM instead. This is because your car’s warranty may be void upon discovering there are parts of your car that aren’t considered genuine.


Look into what you can afford for your upgrades. When you set a budget, what is best for you is clearer. If you only want to make minor upgrades to your BMW, consider aftermarket parts, as they offer what you need at a lower price.

However, remember that even though it is cheap, it can still be high-quality and reliable. You can upgrade your BMW with aftermarket parts from a reputable and reliable manufacturer with proper research.

Specific upgrades

Remember to factor in the specific upgrades you wish to make to your BMW. Is it an extensive project, or are you just looking for better performance on the road? When you consider these, you can decide which option is worth it.

For example, if you wish to upgrade your BMW engine to an old model, it is recommended that you choose an OEM engine, as it guarantees its performance and compatibility. It is cheaper than getting a new car and worth it, considering the risk of getting an aftermarket engine that has no warranty or guarantee.

Long-term goals

When upgrading your BMW, ask yourself what the long-term goals are. Is it to have an improved and efficient performance or to upgrade it to continue functioning for years to come?

After considering the long-term goals, deciding between aftermarket and OEM parts for your BMW upgrades becomes easier. Choose the most cost-effective choice to get the best out of your car.

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