Your Ultimate Guide to Mercedes Bumper Protectors

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Bumpers are an essential component of car protection. They act as shields to protect the hood, grill, trunk, fuel, exhaust, and cooling system against any crashes and damages in accidents. When an accident happens, bumpers help by absorbing most of the impact at your car’s rear and front end, which lessens the damage to the other parts. 

Mercedes is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles, producing high-quality, reliable luxury vehicles. Mercedes owners take pride in their vehicles, so protecting them is necessary. As a Mercedes owner yourself, one way to do so is to ensure your car is fitted with bumper protectors.

Bumper protectors further protect your bumper and other vehicle parts from further damage. As bumpers act as shields, they often bear scratches, dents, and cracks. If overlooked, the bumper will offer less protection to your car. To protect your bumper and car, we’ve made the ultimate guide on bumper protectors to keep every part of your Mercedes functioning well.

Common Causes of Bumper Damage

Now that we’ve clarified the importance of bumpers to your vehicle, it’s time to discover the common causes of bumper damage. Bumpers experience damage as a result of being a shield, which includes dents, scratches, punctures, and cracks. Some bumpers may even fall off in a severe accident. 

Bumper damage isn’t only caused by severe accidents. Sometimes, you may return to your parked car to find scratches on your bumper. Bad driving habits, whether it be from you or other drivers, are the leading cause of bumper damage from driving over a curb or careless parking. Other factors that can cause damage to your bumper include harsh conditions like hailstorms or driving through rough roads.

High-impact and forceful collisions cause severe damage like punctures, cracks, and splitting. These can happen during accidents on the road or even in parked areas where you may accidentally hit a stationary object, like a fire hydrant.

From road accidents to even driving over a curb, the bumper bears the brunt of the accidents. Replacing bumpers can be costly, so take the first step to prevent this by installing a bumper protector.

Types of Mercedes Bumper Protectors

Getting bumper protectors, whether on a new vehicle or as post-repair maintenance, is crucial. You will save money and prevent damage to your vehicle in the long run. Repairing and replacing bumpers can be costly for Mercedes owners, so you should invest in bumper protectors for better car protection.

For Mercedes vehicles, bumper protectors come in various types to suit your wants and needs. With a wide range of options, you will surely find one that fits your aesthetic while protecting your vehicle. Read more below to discover the range of bumper protectors for your Mercedes.

Clear Bra Films

Clear bra film is a transparent film that wraps around your vehicle to protect its paint. Also known as Paint Protection Film, clear bra film prevents scratches on your car from debris, chips, minor collisions and more. While it can be costly, clear bra films protect your vehicle without sacrificing appearance.

This option is best for Mercedes owners who are particular about maintaining the style and look of their cars. There are two options of finishes to choose from: high gloss and matte finishing. As it is a protective film, it is great for preventing scratches but not dents.

Rubber Bumper Guards

Rubber bumper guards are incredibly durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Rubber is famous for being a great shock-absorbing material, so adding that to your bumper is ideal. While this may alter your car’s appearance, rubber bumper guards come in various styles and colours.

With rubber bumper guards, you can choose where to fit it with various installation options, from stick-ons to truck-mounted. If you only decide to get rubber bumper guards on a specific area of your car’s bumper, you can. Compared to clear bra films, this option costs less and prevents scratches, dents, and cracks.

Custom-fit Bumper Protectors

Custom-fit bumper protectors are the best option for Mercedes owners who want to protect their vehicle and maintain its appearance. Its customised fit prevents splitting and cracking of the actual bumper and protects it from scratches and dents.

Furthermore, getting custom-fit bumper protectors ensures the professionals have your best interest in mind every step of the way. While custom-fit bumper protectors are expensive, it is a small price to pay if your goal is to protect your vehicle without giving up its appearance.

DIY vs Professional Installation

Understanding the different types of bumper protectors is essential to know what is best for your Mercedes. Before considering the options, do also consider the installation process.

If you’re after an easy installation that can be done by yourself, rubber bumper guards are an excellent choice. Not only do they offer proper protection, but they are also easy to install. Stick-on options are more manageable for rubber bumper guards, while hitch-mounted or truck-mounted ones might require effort. However, you can still do any of these options yourself.

Professional installation is needed for clear bra films and custom-fit bumper protectors. As these protector options are costly, professional installation is required to avoid further damage to your car. Correctly installing it can prevent your bumper from being misaligned or damaged, which will not offer excellent protection to your vehicle.

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