Troubleshooting Common BMW Engine Issues

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An engine works the same way as a brain, as it holds all the power necessary to make your car function. This is why it’s crucial that you recognise issues with your engine promptly before they become a major problem, causing your car to stop permanently. Not only will that be dangerous, but repairing or replacing an engine can be costly.

BMW is known for manufacturing and producing high-quality luxury vehicles that can serve their owners for a long time with proper care and maintenance. However, this doesn’t mean BMW cars are immune to engine issues. To save you time, effort, and money, we’ve compiled a list of common BMW engine issues to look out for before it’s too late.

Signs of BMW Engine Trouble

While BMW is known for its high-quality vehicles, proper care and maintenance are still needed to keep them running smoothly and efficiently on the road. This helps you avoid potentially major or dangerous problems down the road that can affect you and everyone else on the road.

Before your BMW engine completely breaks down, some signs will warn you that it is failing. Here are some of the signs to look out for, warning you of BMW engine troubles:

  • The engine light is turned on or blinking
  • Decreasing fuel efficiency
  • Foul odours inside the car
  • Excessive smoke from the engine or tailpipe

Common Issues with BMW Engines

A properly functioning engine ensures that your BMW will perform smoothly and efficiently on the road. If your BMW has been showing warning signs about its engine, it is time to get it checked for maintenance. With proper diagnosis, you can save money and effort on repairs and even more on a replacement.

The engine is the core of the vehicle, so any issues should be addressed immediately. Learn more about the common issues with BMW engines to address them promptly before they become a bigger problem.

Engine misfires

An engine misfiring or running roughly is a common issue with BMW engines. Ignition and fuel system issues, like worn-out spark plugs, are usually the cause.

To restore your engine’s performance, check your BMW’s spark plugs, ignition coils, engine control unit, and fuel filters for a repair, replacement, or cleaning. Spark plugs, for example, should be changed when they have reached a certain mileage depending on BMW’s recommendation.


Overheating is an extremely common engine issue for BMWs, especially in a hot country like Malaysia. When your engine overheats, it is likely that the coolant levels are low or there is a problem within the cooling system.

To prevent your engine from overheating, check the coolant level and for any leaks within the cooling system, such as the hose or radiator. After identifying the cause, it is best to seek assistance from a professional to fix the problem.

Oil leaks

Any leaks from your BMW indicate an issue with the vehicle. However, a BMW oil leak might risk a catastrophic engine failure down the road, as it is an issue of a critical system component.

If you see an oil leak, it indicates an issue with the engine caused by worn-out seals or gaskets. You can avoid oil leaks in your vehicle by regularly checking on the condition of your engine and other components.

Loss of power

If your car is slowly losing power, it is most likely caused by clogged components, like a clogged fuel or air filter. When the components are clogged, they prevent the engine from running smoothly, which slows it down through time.

Remember to clean components regularly to restore your BMW engine’s performance and efficiency.

Strange noises

If your BMW’s engine is having trouble, it might warn you through strange noises. If you notice strange noises like knocking or vibrations while driving, it warns you of a serious engine problem.

Engine problems that produce noise usually indicate issues with belts, pulleys, bearings, or the exhaust system. To prevent further damage to your engine, identify the noise source and fix the issue by replacing or repairing the parts.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

Once you’ve identified the BMW engine issues, it’s time to send the car for servicing to give it proper care and maintenance. After the initial maintenance and issue diagnosis, you only need to prevent the issues from happening again. 

Below are preventative maintenance tips to help your engine serve its best performance for years to come:

  • Don’t ignore the engine light when it is turned on
  • Change the engine oil regularly
  • Check the cooling system for sufficient coolant
  • Replace fuel and air filters, spark plugs, belts, and wires at proper intervals

In conclusion, the most important preventative maintenance is always paying attention to warning signals from your engine. When addressed promptly, you will save money, time, and effort in repairs, replacements, or overhauls and keep your engine running smoothly for years to come.

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