Local BMW Repair Shop vs. Dealership: Which is Better?

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When repairing or upgrading your BMW, do you choose between your local repair shop or the dealership? Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer to this old-age question, as both have their respective advantages depending on your needs.

Sending your BMW for repairs, upgrades, or maintenance can be expensive, which is why most owners try to cut down costs on them. But before doing so, consider different factors to make the best decision for you and your BMW.

Determining the various factors before choosing between the two is crucial, especially for a premium car brand like BMW, where a little money and effort are needed. To determine the best option for you, read more to discover the advantages of a local BMW repair shop versus a dealership.

Perks of a BMW Dealership

A BMW dealership is an authorised retail outlet that exclusively sells and provides services to BMW vehicles, whether new or used. These dealerships are directly affiliated with BMW, with staff and certified technicians trained by them.

Below are the benefits of sending your BMW to a BMW dealership.

Access to Genuine BMW Parts

When you send your BMW for service or repairs at a dealership, you are guaranteed genuine BMW parts for any replacements or repairs. Genuine BMW parts are designed to meet the standards and specifications set by BMW, ensuring they are compatible with your BMW model to offer optimum performance, safety, and longevity, as well as maintain the resale value of your BMW.

Warranty Preservation

Sending your BMW to the dealership is the best option when your BMW is still under warranty. BMW warranties typically cover service and maintenance performed by authorised dealerships. Not only does it save you money in repair and maintenance costs, but it is also done under warranty compliance.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

As the brand authorises BMW dealerships, they are equipped with diagnostic equipment and tools specifically designed and tailored to BMW vehicles. Its advanced technology can accurately and efficiently diagnose issues with your BMW, saving you time and money in the long run.

Pros of Local BMW Repair Shop

A local BMW repair shop is an independent automotive repair shop that specialises in the maintenance and repairs of BMW vehicles. It usually serves a specific local community of BMW owners to provide a more personalised and community-oriented approach to automotive care.

Here are the advantages of sending your BMW to a local BMW repair shop.

Personalised Service

Local BMW repair shops offer a more personalised and community-based service than BMW dealerships. You communicate and interact with the mechanics and shop owner directly, which allows you to pinpoint the exact issue with your BMW. Also, you will avoid high-pressure sales techniques that BMW dealership staff usually employ to urge you to buy a new car.

Cost-effective Repairs

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, choose the local BMW repair shops. While these shops might not use genuine BMW spare parts, they do use OEM parts, which are the same manufacturers with a BMW license. You also will save labour costs, as technicians at a local repair shop will have a lower hourly rate than a dealership technician.

Quick Turnaround

As local BMW repair shops are smaller in scale, you can expect a convenient service with a quick turnaround. It is also more accessible as there may be many local BMW repair shops around you, while there might be only one BMW dealership in one state. 

Many local repair shops offer rental cars while your car is serviced, and some even have a lounge area where you can wait comfortably. If you’re facing an emergency, visit your local BMW repair shop.

How to Make the Right Choice?

car maintenance and repair – mechanic writing checklist paper on clipboard

Deciding between sending your BMW for repairs or maintenance at a local repair shop or a dealership can be challenging. There is no one-fits-all solution, as different BMW users have different repairs or upgrades in mind. Both are great options, but at the end of the day, it depends on your wants and needs.

Premium brand cars like BMW are bound to have costly repairs and maintenance to perform at optimum condition for years to come but don’t settle for the cheapest option. Remember to consider other factors before you decide on your choice.

The bottom line is to know your wants and needs to make an informed decision. For example, if your BMW only needs minor repairs, the most cost-effective option might be to opt for the local BMW repair shop. Researching and considering all factors saves your car, money, time, and effort.

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