Common Volkswagen Problems to Look Out for and Solutions

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Volkswagen vehicles have earned a reputation for their quality craftsmanship, innovation, and exceptional driving experience. But, like any automobile, they’re not immune to occasional glitches and malfunctions.

If you own a Volkswagen, it’s essential to be aware of potential issues that may arise. In this blog post, we explore some common problems to look out for and how using genuine Volkswagen spare parts can play a role in keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition.

Common Volkswagen Problems to Look Out for

Check Engine Light

There are a few things that can trigger the check engine light, which can be concerning at times. However, it’s important to note that the light coming on doesn’t mean there’s a problem with your engine, but you should still check it out.

It could be a loose fuel cap, and you may not be in dire need of service. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to get the problem fixed or looked at by a mechanic. A faulty oxygen sensor, worn spark plugs, or catalytic converter can also trigger the check engine light.

Oil Problems

Every vehicle needs to have oil changes periodically. Volkswagen cars, on the other hand, have had oil problems with the oil building up in the engine sooner than any typical car would.

This issue often arises once you hit the mileage between 112,000 and 145,000 kilometres. Although it can be avoided by changing the oil on time with the manufacturer’s advised schedules, you can only use the approved oil listed in the handbook.

Coolant Leaks

Some Volkswagen models may experience cooling system failures, leading to engine overheating. These problems can be caused by faulty components like the radiator, water pump, or thermostat.

If you notice some leaks, you should get it checked and repaired as soon as possible to prevent your engine or other components from overheating as you drive. At the same time, you can avoid further damage to your car components.

Vehicle Overheating

In most Volkswagen vehicles, the cooling system can generally hold a small amount of coolant, so they’re prone to overheating. Regular or scheduled replacement of the coolant parts may help ensure your car doesn’t overheat.

However, if your Volkswagen overheats while driving, stop at a safe area and get professional help if necessary. An overheating engine can result from numerous issues, such as a defective thermostat or problems with the engine fan.

Suspension and Steering Issues

If you hear strange noises, such as clunking sounds while going over speed bumps, potholes, or even clicking sounds while turning, these could indicate that something isn’t right with your car’s suspension and steering.

Volkswagen vehicles sometimes face suspension and steering problems, such as excessive vibration, uneven tire wear, or difficulty steering. These issues can be due to worn-out suspension components, such as control arms, bushings, or tie rods.

While these problems are relatively common, not all Volkswagen vehicles will experience them. Regular maintenance, timely inspections, and addressing any issues promptly can help prevent or mitigate these problems.

Opting for genuine Volkswagen spare parts when replacing or repairing components can also contribute to resolving these issues effectively. These parts are designed specifically for your vehicle, ensuring proper fit, functionality, and longevity.

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