Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Can you bring your own auto parts to the workshop?

A : Yes, you can. However, there will be an additional surcharge on top of the normal labour charged rate with no warranties, regardless of whether the parts are originals or aftermarket. In the event of the part’s failure after installation, this will be borne by the customer for subsequent installation.

Q : Which parts of the car need the most maintenance?

A : Periodic service parts need the most maintenance base on the maintenance service schedule.

Q : Do you sell genuine auto parts?

A : Yes, we do, as well as replacement or original equipment manufacturer parts based on the customer’s request.

Q : What is the maintenance schedule for a transmission gearbox?

A : It varies from brand to brand, with the usual maintenance service for renewing transmission fluid being from 20,000 km to 60,000 km and replacement of transmission filter for every alternate fluid change.

Q : Should I get aftermarket auto parts?

A : Original parts are highly recommended due to their durability and longer life span. Basically, aftermarket auto parts will have a much shorter life span in comparison to original parts. Aftermarket auto parts will only be considered if original parts are not available or due to time-constrained sources.

Q : Which car parts are the most expensive to repair?

A : Engine And Auto Transmission are the most expensive to repair or to be replaced.